Welcome to Fiorino, Franco Faggi’s BYOB restaurant located in the heart of East Falls (Philadelphia)

(215) 843-1500

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Monday to Friday 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM


Monday to Thursday 5 PM TO 9:30 PM

Friday & Saturday 5 PM to 10 PM

Sunday 4 PM TO 9:00 PM



Credit cards accepted (Visa, MC, Discover and Amex)

Closed New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Franco Faggi

Franco Faggi

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“Feast of the Seven Fish”

Monday December 22nd, Tuesday December 23rd

and Christmas Eve 2014


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New Year’s Eve 2015


Menu and details

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 A guest’s article on the cooking classes 

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

Sunday November 27, 2011. 

by Craig LaBan 

“Faggi’s genuine interest in a customer’s well-being had already forged the kind of bond – at once personal, charming, and sincere – that I so rarely see on display these days. It’s an instinct Faggi honed long ago during his years in the dining room as one of the founding partners of Monte Carlo Living Room on South Street. But when you’re tucked inconveniently up a hill in the middle of a neighborhood, on a one-way street accessed only by the most roundabout route, every patron counts.”

“Not that Fiorino’s is lacking for business since it started this summer. Every one of the 11 tables in this tight and lively corner space, its stained-glass storefront windows and banquettes fronting Indian Queen Lane at a sharp angle, seemed to be filled during my visits.”…….” All of East Falls, it seems, was rejoicing in the arrival of a place they could call their go-to trattoria.”

“..Faggi’s menu offers the kind of familiar, homey Italian cooking that really translates best to the smaller, personal setting. It’s not flashy or inventive food, but speaks to Faggi’s Emiglia-Romagna roots and classic sensibilities. And when I spooned through a bowl of one of his soulful homemade soups it was the subtle, soft-spoken things that made them so good. Flecks of rosemary brightened the prosciutto-steeped broth of the pasta e fagioli.”

“A good Bolognese, though, is more enduring, especially for Faggi, who grew up just 50 miles southeast of Bologna. Faggi’s all-beef rendition simmers over a mirepoix of veggies with red wine for hours, and when ladled over fresh ribbons of tagliatelle, it’s just the bowl of Romagna comfort I’d crave regularly in my neighborhood.”

“..it is that old-school sense of hospitality that has endeared this humble trattoria to a grateful East Falls. After my own meals at Fiorino, I can see why it’s been an easy sell.”


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3572 Indian Queen Lane, East Falls, PA 19129.

Tel: 215-843-1500

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